In today’s competitive business environment in fashion and jewelry business the only way to complete is to have your own custom made designs in which you can

have your own imagination according to your business and customers taste which will directly effect in sales and customer satisfaction and put you above your competition.


We at Bali Designs fully understand the importance of this concept and ready to fulfill any kind of imaginative work with our skilled workforce.

We have a proven record for last 20 years of doing so. So if you agree on this with us then give us a change to help in developing your custom made designs.


Customer Process:

I order to us to start any custom work we need following details from you:

  1. A picture, sketch, written idea or anything which can explain what you are trying to make.
  2. Approx. size, weight, dimension etc.
  3. Your price point to make that sample.
  4. Time frame under which you need that sample.
  5. Stones, metal and any other specific material requirement.

All the above information has to be email to or if you have actual sample you want us to make then please mail it to our office address:

Bali Designs Inc

2010 Valley View Lane Suite 160

Dallas TX 75234

Bali Designs Process:

After we receive all the above info we will follow below process to complete sample:

  1. We will make a sketch to show how the sample will look with all the dimensions and colors requested.
  2. In case customer needs modification in sketch we will make those changes and reconfirm again until customer get satisfied.
  3. After the sketch we will make first prototype sample.
  4. In case if any change needed we will do that and make the final sample as perfect as possible.
  5. We will provide the cost of that sample so customer can decide do he or she want to move forward with production process.

Sampling cost:

In order to make first sample there will be a onetime charge of $75.00 which will be non-refundable charge doesn’t matter customer like or dislike the sample as we have to pay all the workforce to work on the sample so this fee is mandatory and have to be paid before we start any work and will not be refundable in any case. In addition to sampling cost  the actual sample cost will be extra if customer want to buy that actual prototype sample from us and price for that will be determine after the sample is made.

To pay this fee customer has to pay only by PayPal, our PayPal id is

Below are some example pictures of how we make sketch and actual samples.