Insurance is optional for additional charges only upon customer's request.

It is our duty that customers gets their order on time and safely. For that we always suggest our customers to use insured shipping for all orders. Bali Designs Inc is not responsible for any damage or loss of any merchandise after it left our office which is shipped uninsured. So it's our recommendation to all customers to use insurance for all shipments.

To apply Insurance to your order please call us or left message in order comments to add insurance. After we receive your order and insurance request we will call you with additional insurance charges and upon payment your package will be shipped with insurance.
Fee Insurance Coverage
$1.70 $0.01 to $50
$2.15 $50.01 to $100
$2.60 $100.01 to $200
$4.60 $200.01 to $300
$5.55 $300.01 to $400
$6.50 $400.01 to $500
$7.45 $500.01 to $600
$7.45 plus $0.95 per $100 or fraction thereof over $600 to $1,000
$4.75 per $500 or fraction thereof over $1,000 to $5,000